Outsourced Color Printing: The Psychology of Colors in Business Documents

July 31, 2023
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When it comes to sending out statements and invoices, you may not think color versus black and white will have much impact, but the truth is it can.  Studies have shown that people tend to react in certain ways to specific colors. Have you ever wondered why shades of blue and green are more prevalent among business’s logos, websites and marketing materials?  It all comes down to the psychology behind the colors.  Want to get paid faster?  Consider using colors that convey trust and money.

D4 Solutions understands the importance of color in printed documents such as invoices, statements and performance reporting.  You want your customers to recognize your brand and you want your documents to invoke feelings of trust and money as well.  It is with this understanding that D4 Solutions provides full-service color printing, tailored to your needs.  With the Canon ColorStream 6000 series inkjet printer having the capability of printing approximately 417 feet of paper per minute, D4 Solutions is ready to serve your company.

The Psychology of Colors in Business Documents

There is a direct link between color and psychology and that should be kept in mind when choosing a color scheme for your documents.  For instance, blue is associated with trustworthiness and is a calming color.  Turquoise, an off shoot of blue, is great for attention grabbing statements such as “Second Notice”.  In the world of business, who doesn’t want their customer to pay?!  Sometimes our sense of urgency to receive payment may lean towards using colors like red to say, “Past Due”.  The color red creates a sense of alarm and can be perceived negatively, communicating anger or danger depending on the context.  In some instances, red may make sense to use, but as a general rule of thumb, we’d advise sticking to the colors invoking feelings of trust.

So, when dealing with money, what colors would be best?  Of course, we have blue instilling trust in our recipients, but there’s also green.  Green is very often associated with money and is used by many businesses to show the amount due on an invoice.  Green is also a soothing color that can promote a sense of wellbeing.

Color affects psychology and psychology affects business.  If something isn’t working for you, try mixing up your color scheme based on the message you’re trying to convey.

Brand Consistency and Recognition

The idea behind brand recognition is for people to recognize your company, your brand, with minimal effort.  The “golden arches” likely bring to mind a fast food chain without us having to tell you who it is.  A giant technology/computer company is easily recognizable by the piece of fruit they use for their logo. Brand recognition can build customer loyalty, especially combined with brand consistency.

What does this mean for your printed documents?  This means that tailoring your documents to be consistent with your brand colors can be instrumental in brand awareness and customer loyalty.  Your customers trust your brand and receiving documents that reflect that can instill feelings of trust in your customers.

Founded in 1980, ComGraphics, Inc is an employee owned, premier outsourced print and mail solutions provider of variable laser printing, inserting, mailing, and electronic document solutions. ComGraphics, Inc, now doing business as D4 Solutions operates 24/7 with the capacity to produce 150+ million high quality pages per month in both full-color and black and white. As an employee-owned company, every team member has a vested interest in delivering world-class services and exceptional program performance. And as a SOC 2 Type II and HIPAA compliant company, we understand the importance of the security and confidentiality that surround the handling of all of your sensitive client data!

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